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Rebel Services, LLC
Aviation and Electrical Contractors

Rebel Services specializes in aviation fueling equipment sales, service, installation and repair for general aviation airports. The company was formed in 2009 by Margie James of Ripley, Mississippi and is a licensed contractor, licensed electrical contractor, and is a licensed Disadvantage Business Entity (DBE).

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Since our founding on September 1, 2009 , our mission has been simple - "Do it right or don't quit until its done right!" We are very grateful for what the Lord has allowed Rebel Services, LLC to accomplish and pray that He allows us to continue to help airports get things done the right way regardless of how big or small the airport is. Doing things the right way is how we have grown from just one employee in the kitchen of our home to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and over a dozen full-time employees.



Rebel Services was organized to answer a specific need in the aviation fueling industry. Many small to mid-sized airports across the United States find that they are unable or are ill-equipped to secure contracts with the major oil companies who provide aviation fuel, due to the lack of equipment, materials, and procedures. After many years of witnessing this problem while working as a sales representative for a major oil company, Margie James, founder of Rebel Services, decided to tackle the issue head-on. Rebel specializes in aviation fueling equipment sales, services, installation and repair, a set of services that cannot be offered by the majority of prime contractors who mainly specialize in the construction of gasoline service stations. Aviation regulations require a higher standard, and our specialized experience allows us to build fuel farms that meet and exceed aviation expectations at an affordable cost.

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