Why We Choose Cla Val

Why We Choose Cla-Val (and Why You Should Too)

Nothing substitutes for experience. We’ve worked with a variety of suppliers and products over the years and have narrowed down our preferred products based on what we know works. You trust us to keep your fuel flowing.

We use Cla-Val nozzles because we’ve experienced the difference their products make. Cla-Valve uses quality materials and engineering expertise to bring to market valves and nozzles specific to airline industry needs. 

Their refueling nozzles are designed specifically to meet airline industry standards to ensure a more efficient refueling of general aviation aircraft. Their nozzles allow an easy connection to your aircraft without allowing unsafe use, another reason we prefer to use Cla-Valve on our projects.

Your confidence in our company’s ability to provide safe, efficient refueling for your airport is the highest compliment you could pay us. We work hard to earn that trust by choosing products backed by companies we trust. Cla-Valve fits the bill.

You can learn more about Cla-Valve and its airline industry-specific nozzles here.